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Half Smooth and Half Wavy Hairstyle 2018

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As the name suggests the hairstyle has top section smooth while the bottom is textured.The bangs and top section is straight while waves on the lengths make the hairstyle more dramatic.

This hairstyle is ideal for day and formal events. This is effortless and easy hairstyle. To get the hairstyle, blow dry hair and separate it into a centre part. Heat up a curling iron and create waves on the bottoms section. Apply a holding product.

This hairstyle is ideal for round and oval face structure. Hair that is medium to long and thick in density works well for this hairstyle.

Barely There Waves

This hairstyle works for blondes which medium forehead. Waves are created on the middle of the hair while keeping the top and bottom straight. To get the hairstyle, you need to start with blow dried hair. Divide the hair into a centre part and create a knot at the neck. Press your straitening iron on the knot and open the knot. Apply a holding spray.

This hairstyle works on fine to medium hair. oval, square and heart face structure looks great with this hairstyle.

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Half Smooth and Half Wavy Hairstyle 2018, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating